Layers of Knowledge

Thriving in the modern business landscape requires mastery over extensive layers of knowledge including research, engineering, strategic thinking, business fluency, and written and visual communication. I examine each discipline to build models, strategies, and user experiences that exceed what your competitors have built, and provide repeatable, scalable workflows for your business in the short and long term.

Areas of Discipline

I embrace the entire gamut of digital services in pursuit of client growth. I support all digital assets, carefully examining how to extract the most value out of each component to meet the project’s success milestones. Your project may include any combination of web development, web design, content creation, ecommerce, search, paid, conversion, analytics, social, and project management.

Digital Marketing

Businesses are competing for visibility, attention, and ultimately sales or client acquisition online. Digital marketing breaks down this complex process into individual, achievable goals and outlines and defines a clear path to success. The acute ability of the web to generate a wealth of new customers, clients, and income for businesses makes digital marketing and all of its sub-areas a must-have in 2018 and beyond.

Web Design

While development lays the online foundation, and SEO drives traffic to that foundation, multimedia and website design focus on sending users the right message when they arrive, visually conveying that the business can solve their problem, meet their needs, or provide the product they’re searching for. A great design let’s users know they’ve come to the right place, and guides them through a conversion path from their initial arrival ultimately to a element which causes them to take action, either by contacting the business, requesting a quote, or purchasing a product.

  • Graphic Design for both Web and Print

  • Logos and Corporate Branding

  • Intuitive and organized layouts

  • Customer focused artwork

  • Visually pleasing elements

  • Engaging call to actions

  • Quick-response visuals

Web Development

Web Development lays the foundation for a business online. A domain provides an online headquarters that provides all of the business’ core functions. Custom web development allows a programmer to craft solutions which solve special requests and meet a business' unique needs.

  • Website programming

  • Content Management System

  • Databases

  • E-commerce configuration

  • Mobile responsive programming